Hello I’m Pauline Yau and I’m on a journey to learn about flexible working in all its forms. Too many times flexible working is interpreted as the ability to work from home but there’s so much more to it. From job shares to condensed hours to part time I want to find out what’s stopping most organisations from measuring people on their output instead of the amount of time they are in front of their laptop or in the office.

I’ve spent my career working for technology companies and in government departments. I’ve seen talented people leave employers because of a lack of flexibility and I’ve also seen examples of flexible working that work. An ever-increasing number of people want the ability to work flexibly but organisations are slow to change and I want to understand more about the reasons for this.

I’m going to be recording my journey of discovery in a podcast which will you can find here. I’d love for you to listen in and share your thoughts with me. You can join in the conversation on social media.