Episode 14 - Timewise; helping organisations to enable flexible working

In this episode I chat with Natalie Gill from Timewise about how they help employers engrain flexibility in to their organisation. The fact that employers now have to publish their gender pay gap has compelled many organisations to seek help to enable more flexible working. We also talk about the findings from the Timewise Flexible Jobs Index which details the state of the flexible jobs market in the UK and Timewise’s annual awards for senior people working flexibly

Episode 12 - Cielo; engaging everyone in your organisation

I chat with Andy Curlewis and Emma Hydes from Cielo Talent about the importance of providing a great experience for everyone in an organisation, not just full time employees. We also talk about the gap that exists between the command and control style structure of organisations and the need to be able to adapt to rapid change. And we ask the important question; why is there always a dog on a conference call?

Episode 11 - Attitudes towards people who work flexibly

Have you considered your own attitude towards people who work flexibly? What about your attitude towards colleagues who have space in their diaries and aren’t scheduled back to back? I chat with Heidi Dalgleish from Thrive HR Services about how attitudes towards people who chose to work flexibly need to change. People who work flexibly can also be committed and interested in career progression!

Episode 4 - Cognitive Law; the law firm where everyone works flexibly

I talk to Lucy Tarrant who founded Cognitive Law. This is a law firm where everyone works flexibly. Their definition of flexible refers to hours and location and flexibility is built in to the DNA of the whole organisation. Lucy talks about what inspired her to create a law firm that enables flexible working for all and the impact the flexible culture has had on the whole organisation and its clients.